Welcome to the official TMW electronic website. Starting from 2004 we have been specialising in repair and reprogaraming of advanced vehicle electronic components. Unlike our competition we have a fully equipped workshop offering full range of services which allows us to repair almost every type of vehicle and its components.

As of 2020 and based on our extensive experience, we are now mainly concentrating on electronic repairs of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. We use the latest factory supplied Mercedes-Benz Star-diagnosis professional equipment which allows us to comprehensively diagnose, program and do on-line coding of all vehicles of that make.

Our large modern workshop is fully equipped with the latest state of the art computerised 4x4 dyno and vehicle diagnostic equipment of all major manufacturer's. Car manufacturers build just a few base engines and differentiate the power output via the electronic control unit (ECU): the same hardware, but with different software. We at TMW electronic are experts in car tuning software. The data from your vehicle's ECU is read by our tuning software and individually optimized. We use only the available power reserves and stay within vehicle specific tolerances, which are important to maintain your engine's reliability. Existing engine protection systems remain fully intact. We also specialise in deleting of EGR, DPF, SCR, TVA, SVA, Lambda sensor from ECU mapping and "Cold start fuel amount" corrections.

All private and trade customers are welcome to visit our workshop or use our online service for airbag module event cancelling, module data retrieval and remote powerchip tuning (modifications).

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